Successful Matriarchs At Wealthy Affiliate.

Online entrepreneurship often seems dominated by the younger generation, yet an increasing number of seniors are climbing the ranks within Wealthy Affiliate’s community. They’re leveraging decades of experience and a willingness to learn new skills, proving it’s never too late to start a business. How do I know this? Well I have been a member since 2007. Wealthy Affiliate, is an online platform that helps people create online businesses. It’s intriguing to see a variety of individuals from different walks of life succeed, but there’s a unique group that caught my attention recently. They are hugely successful seniors, who are not just participating but excelling in this digital venture. It’s as if they have all suddenly got their act together and propelled themselves in the limelight, as successful matriarchs At Wealthy Affiliate.

The biggest Myth in Affiliate Marketing.

When I first started my online journey in 1996/1997, the myth was that all successful affiliate marketers were young bucks. At the time I lived in Malaga Spain, and once a month I came to London to network with other marketers. I can vouch for the fact they were nearly all male. In fact there were never more than three women in a group of 35 or 40 marketers. That is a fact, but few were young. Basically none of the men were under 35 and the oldest was mid fifties.It WAS a male dominated industry.

Second Biggest Myth in Affiliate Marketing

As I have said they were all male, but fast forward to today, June 12th 2024, and things are different. I would say the ratio is very nearly 50/50. Women have found ways to dominate their niches. Many of those are matriarchs who have become successful matriarchs at Wealthy Affiliate.

Online entrepreneurship often seems dominated by the younger generation, yet an increasing number of seniors are climbing the ranks within Wealthy Affiliate’s community. They’re leveraging decades of experience and a willingness to learn new skills, proving it’s never too late to start a business.

The Matriarchs are Killing it.

A matriarch is a woman who holds a position of authority, seniority, or respect within a family, community, or society. The term is derived from the Latin words “mater” (mother) and “arche” (beginning, origin, or rule).

Key characteristics of a matriarch include leadership, as she is often the head of the family or a community, making important decisions and providing guidance. Matriarchs are typically older women who have gained significant life experience and wisdom, which they use to advise and support others.

In some societies, the title of matriarch is passed down through the female line, with the eldest woman in the family inheriting the role. Matriarchs often provide emotional support and nurturing to their family or community members.

So how do you tap into the Successful Matriarchs At Wealthy Affiliate Brigade.

Well, the first thing is probably you are nervous about whether it will work for you. However, an increasing number of seniors are seriously worried about whether their pensions will be paid out at all. Or secondly, whether there will be shortfall between their bills and what they are receiving. I personally am in my 70th Year, and I have lost 2 pensions, (A long and sad saga, best left for another day). So as an old age pensioner I get nothing, zilch. I had to become a successful senior at Wealthy Affiliate, well perhaps not had to, but I would have starved otherwise. Now I am hoping you are not that desperate, but click on the link below to find out whether it will work for you. Because of the life skills these people have learned they can translate those skills into being successful matriarchs at Wealthy Affiliate.

Passive Income Is Possible


But don’t be mistaken. Affiliate marketing is not all passive income and easy living. Successful matriarchs at Wealthy Affiliate have built sustainable businesses through their experience and solid strategy. Wealthy Affiliate can lay that foundation for you. In this article, I’ll share stories of real individuals who’ve made an indelible mark on Wealthy Affiliate well into their senior years. It’s not just about their achievements but also the resilience and adaptability they demonstrate, which are perhaps their most impressive traits. Joan Rivers made a joke during the war in Afghanistan suggesting the military send in a battalion of Jewish matriarchs, because they had survived and thrived fifty years of Thanksging, Passover (Pesach), Hanukkah and Yom Kippur.

Don’t underestimate the skills of a Matriarch.

As you can see from Joan Rivers observations she knew a thing or too about matriarchal skills. If you have got this far into reading this article then you are a matriarch, or maybe a patriarch and are worried about your financial future. I am also guessing that the idea of starting a business as a senior is daunting. Let me assure you that there is a learning curve. However the training videos go through everything step by step. The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate, is the community, they have an awesome amount of knowledge and they are more than willing to share it.

Understanding the Wealthy Affiliate Platform: A Primer

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just a business platform; it’s a gateway into the arena of digital entrepreneurship. At its core, it’s designed to equip its members with the tools and training essential for building an online business. The approach is comprehensive, offering website building, keyword research, SEO training, and an immersive community of fellow entrepreneurs.

One unique facet of Wealthy Affiliate is the inherent sense of community. Members are encouraged to support each other, creating a nurturing environment conducive to growth and learning. Seniors especially may find the guidance from seasoned members invaluable as they navigate the complexities of starting an online business.

It’s no secret that the platform is versatile, welcoming users from all backgrounds and levels of technical proficiency. Wealthy Affiliate prides itself on inclusivity, ensuring that features like step-by-step training and live help are accessible and understandable, regardless of a user’s prior knowledge or experience.

Understanding Wealthy Affiliate sets the groundwork for debunking misconceptions about seniors’ ability to thrive in e-commerce. Seniors might question their capability to cope with the supposed ‘digital-only’ premise of modern business. However, Wealthy Affiliate proves that with the right support and tools, success is not just possible; it’s achievable at any age.

Breaking Down Myths: The Senior Advantage in Affiliate Marketing

You might think that the cutting edge of digital business is reserved for the young, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, seniors are swiftly debunking the tired myth that technology and online marketing are out of their grasp. This is a prime example of why stereotypes need to be challenged. Seniors aren’t just joining the affiliate marketing game; they’re rewriting the rules and reaping the benefits.

Seniors bring a wealth of experience and a unique set of skills that can often give them an edge in online business endeavors. Consider the depth of knowledge seniors have accumulated over the years, the industries they’ve witnessed evolve, and the extensive networks they often hold. All these assets are invaluable in the affiliate marketing space, where authenticity and trustworthiness are crucial for success.

Moreover, patience and long-term focus are traits that many seniors have perfected over their lifetimes. Unlike younger entrepreneurs who might be chasing quick successes, seniors generally understand the value of building something solid and sustainable. They’re more likely to take a meticulous approach to content creation, audience building, and strategic planning \’97 all key components of a successful affiliate marketing business.

Why the Stories Of Successful Matriarchs at Wealthy Affiliate Matter.

Most members of Generation Y agree that they struggle to commit. Now I am not talking about every member here. I am a digital nomad (paid for by being a successful matriarch at Wealthy Affiliate). I know some truly awesome powerful strong, committed and successful young women. They have carved out a life of financial independence on their own. I have nothing but admiration for their determination and courage. And most of all they are wonderful kind hearted, generous people.

Why Generation Y Are Reluctant to Commit.

1. Economic instability

Many Millennials came of age during the Great Recession. Consequentially they had financial challenges and job insecurity. Maybe this resulted in a delay in reaching traditional milestones like buying a house or starting a family.

Many banks and financial institutions primarily run by men engaged in risky lending practices. These included offering subprime mortgages and creating complex financial products like mortgage-backed securities and credit default swaps. Some of these practices were driven by a desire for short-term profits and a lack of due diligence.

The Great Recession led to widespread job losses, reduced wages, and increased economic uncertainty. Many Millennials entered the job market during or in the aftermath of the recession, facing challenges such as unemployment, underemployment, and stagnant wages. This economic insecurity can make it harder for Millennials to make long-term commitments like buying a house, getting married, or starting a family.

2. Generation Y are the most educated generation in history,

Generation Y, are statistically the most educated generation in history.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, college enrollment rates for young adults increased from 35% in 2000 to 41% in 2018. Millennials have been the primary beneficiaries of this trend. And they have incurred huge debts to do so.

In 2019, 39% of Millennials aged 25-37 had a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 29% of Gen Xers and 25% of Baby Boomers when they were the same age, according to the Pew Research Center.

Millennials are also more likely to hold advanced degrees compared to previous generations. In 2019, 9% of Millennials had a master’s degree, professional degree, or doctoral degree, compared to 6% of Gen Xers and 5% of Baby Boomers at the same age.

Lot’s of reasons contribute to the fact that they are better educated. Every generation is usually more educated than the one before. However they have ended up with massive debt. To some extent governments encouraged this debt and encouraged higher education. Primarily, because they desperately wanted to hold onto power by keeping unemployment figures low. They have come into the job market later than previous generations. Some people surmise they may find it harder to commit to home ownership and marriage. Not surprisingly more than a few of them feel let down by baby boomers. However baby boomers felt let down by the war generation. That is another story, and not enough for me not to recognize their unique challenges.

Why Generation Y’s Benefit from Successful Matriarchs At Wealthy Affiliate.

When it comes to the business world, Generation Y can greatly benefit from the wisdom and experience of matriarchal figures. These influential women, who have often navigated successful careers while balancing family responsibilities, can provide invaluable guidance to Millennials as they establish and advance their own careers. Or even if they have just brought up a family of their own.

Many millenniums have more than one job, many are still in the corporate world, with side hustles. This is often more about personal growth than money. This generation more than any other prioritizes growth. Successful matriarchs at Wealthy Affiliate, have had to fight for many of the freedoms that this generation take for granted. This is true of any generation, but women were very much second class citizens on the 1970’s.

Matriarchs who have held leadership positions or built their own businesses can share insights on effective management, decision-making, and problem-solving. They can mentor Millennials on how to communicate effectively, build strong professional relationships, and navigate office politics. Additionally, they can offer advice on how to advocate for oneself, negotiate salaries and promotions, and create a personal brand that sets them apart in their field.

Successful matriarchs at Wealthy Affiliate can share lessons learned from their own successes and failures, within Wealthy Affiliate. This wisdom can help Millennials avoid common pitfalls and make informed decisions as they grow their businesses.

Furthermore, matriarchs can offer perspective on the importance of networking, seeking out mentors, and building a supportive professional community.

Some of the Things I as one of the Successful matriarchs at Wealthy Affiliate, I mentor my Referrals

Beyond practical career advice, I also guide Millennials in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, a priority for many in this generation. I share strategies for setting boundaries, managing stress, and finding fulfillment both in and outside of work. Perhaps most of all they benefit from optional monthly Zoom calls where I share over fifty years of hard earned business experience. My objective to make my mentees successful in business and develop a more well-rounded approach to their careers and personal lives. Click Here to look at my mentorship program.

Real-Life Success Stories of Successful Matriarchs At Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Lisa

When I got started I was able to build a website and write over 400 posts for it. Then I just lost interest in it and it’s been dormant with no new posts. Even though that’s the case it does still bring in affiliate commissions. So imagine where it would be if I had continued writing content.

I have been concentrating on my YouTube channel as that is where my passion really lies. I find it exciting researching and producing videos.

2. Fran

I’ve had a varied, active, and interesting life (at least to me…lol.) I lived in Connecticut until I was 9; then moved to Colorado, where I spent 20+ years. Started playing music professionally in Colorado (first played banjo; then added electric bass. Arthritis has caused me to give up the banjo, but I still play bass.) Our group got a job playing music in Alaska. I am a writer; have had five books published and am currently working on a memoir. I am retired, except for a very part-time jewelry and gift business, and need to supplement my meager Social Security.

These are only two of the astonishingly successful matriarchs at Wealthy Affiliate, there are many many more.You can meet al of thm if you click the orange button above and create a free membership.

Successful matriarchs at wealthy Affiliate


I still remember when I first joined. I was scared and excited at the same time.
I remember being scared because it cost me a lot of money that I really didn’t have at the time.
I remember the training or at least taking the training and thinking, “Wow! This is better than any other training on websites that I have ever had.”
I remember how helpful many of the members were.
Nothing much has changed in that way. The members here are still so very helpful!
Of course, the training and Hubs and things like that have changed and the addition of AI has been very helpful. But it is the people that keep me coming back!
Join Other successful matriarchs at wealthy affiliate

Conclusion to Successful Matriarchs At Wealthy Affiliate.

fAQ’S for Successful Matriarchs At Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that provides training, tools, and resources for individuals interested in building successful online businesses, particularly in the field of affiliate marketing.

There are far more successful matriarchs at Wealthy affiliate than I have mentioned above. They have all thrived and created profitable online businesses using the training and support at Wealthy Affiliate.

They are too diverse to mention but some were educators, some stay at home moms. That’s what matriarch’s of their generation did. Some were shop assistants, and some were highly successful in the corporate world. However they have created profitable jobs in a diverse amount of creative niches. They have brought their life experiences with them. Some are in the travel niche, some on pet care. Other’s like Lisa promotes Wealthy Affiliates.

Successful matriarchs at Wealthy Affiliate exhibit dedication, persistence, and a strong willingness to learn. They actively embrace the training, diligently apply the strategies taught, and consistently work towards their goals with unwavering determination. What sets them apart is their courage to admit when they feel overwhelmed, confused, or lost. They proactively reach out to the community, knowing that fellow members will always steer them in the right direction. These matriarchs are not afraid to ask for help, recognizing that seeking guidance is a strength that contributes to their success.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a supportive community where members, including successful matriarchs, can interact, ask questions, and receive guidance from experienced entrepreneurs. The platform also provides live chat, forums, and personal mentoring. For My personal Mentoring look here

They use their considerable organizational skills effectively. Successful matriarchs prioritize tasks, create schedules, and allocate dedicated time for their online businesses. They also make use of the tools and resources provided by Wealthy Affiliate to streamline their workflows.

They often select a niche that aligns with their interests, passions, or expertise. Successful matriarchs actively assess the profitability and competition within their chosen niche. They diligently research and analyze the market to ensure there is a substantial audience eagerly seeking the products or services they intend to promote.

They primarily focus on affiliate marketing, where they promote products or services from other companies and earn commissions on successful sales. They also explore additional monetization options like display advertising, creating digital products, or offering services.

Networking is crucial within the Wealthy Affiliate community. Successful matriarchs actively engage with other members, participate in discussions, attend webinars. They collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, insights, and support

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