How to Make Your Own Chat GPT to Create Backlinks Automatically.


The entire premise of affiliate promotions rests on driving interested traffic to offers and products listed on merchant sites. The higher the quality and quantity of clicks, the more chances of conversions into actual sales. You can only get conversions if you are talking to a targeted audience. For instance, if you have a website about hypno birthing don’t add an article about how to build a highly converting website. Your pregnant mothers are not interested.

Seo is Where the Rubber Hits the Road

By optimizing affiliate site content for targeted keywords, updating technical elements, building backlinks and highlighting offers; affiliate pages can start ranking much higher in search engines.

When affiliate sites use SEO, their organic search traffic increases over time. For example, someone looks online to buy a new pair of running shoes. The affiliate site about running gear shows up high in the search results because they focused on SEO. This means readers see the affiliate site first before the shoe brand’s actual website. If the content convinces them to buy those shoes, the reader will click the affiliate link. This sends them to the merchant site to complete the purchase.

So SEO helps the affiliate site get found easier on search engines. When people want to buy something, the affiliate content is right there ready with links and recommendations. If they click and buy, the affiliate earns a commission. This is a smooth way for merchants to find new customers without much extra work. The affiliate site brings in buyers thanks to good SEO. So it helps both the affiliate and the merchant make more money from organic search traffic.

Interlinks Benefit for SEO

Interlinks, also known as internal links, refer to hyperlinks that connect various pages within the same website domain to drive navigation and discovery for visitors. At a fundamental level, interlinks enable users to access different pages and cross-sections of a website seamlessly. But from an optimization standpoint they have an even more critical role to play.

When I started conscious interlinking my sites received an almost immediate organic traffic boost. Its not to trick Google but Internal linking is just a way to point to your important content and making sure that search engines can find it and rank it.

One of the biggest factors that influence search rankings is how discoverable a page is for search engine bots and spiders to crawl efficiently. Interlinks create navigation pathways and connectivity for search robots to traverse across all parts of a website, understand site architecture better and index new content faster by following internal hyperlinks between logically related pieces. This improves overall crawlability and content visibility for enhanced rankings possibilities.

Additionally, interlinks distribute and pass on “equity” or “juice”, referring to the rankings power and competitive advantage that high-traffic pages accumulate over time. By interlinking, well-ranking domain homepages and other strong individual pages can funnel link authority downwards to other support content. Enabling otherwise lower visibility pages to subsequently rank better by benefiting from the equity distribution along these internal hyperlinks.

Reinforcing relevancy for specific topics, clusters of interconnected pages concentrated around a common theme signal to search engines that these pages deserve to rank together for relevant keyword searches under that niche or vertical. Thereby bolstering overall rankings for the content group as a whole.

When designed keeping end-user needs and navigation in mind, interlinks significantly improve the customer journey, experience and engagement by connecting them across complementary content assets. The resulting metrics gains including lower bounce rates, higher pages/session, and increased average time on site, contribute to overall search rankings down the line.

how Does Creating your Own Chatgpt help?

Interlinking is an integral organic growth strategy that can be dramatically amplified using an automated AI solution like a personalized ChatGPT chatbot.

Interlinking refers to hyperlinks connecting relevant pages within a website to enable better visibility by search engines and allow users to easily navigate to related content. Done right, it can boost rankings across groups of pages. However, strategically interlinking at scale is extremely labor intensive. This is where AI comes in.

By customizing our own AI writing assistant based on the GPT-3 model, we can automate interlinking tasks to optimize and scale the process. To start, having ChatGPT suggest related topics and article ideas in clusters allows us to naturally interlink content pillars from the ground up. The AI analyzes site architecture, topics and semantic connections to recommend complementary content pieces for linking.

We can prompt our bot to directly insert well-optimized interlinks including varied anchor text into drafts while writing. This saves hours of manual work picking link insertion points, optimizing anchors, maintaining context etc. The AI handles all this tediously. With a large bank of existing articles, the bot can also automatically recommend pages to interlink from new posts based on topical relevance.

Our ChatGPT writer can even enhance interlinking by strategically providing relevant external sites as references. Such outbound links indirectly signal internal relevance between sections. It can also plan a phased, organized interlinking roadmap balancing quality and pace for sustainable SEO growth.

How to Make Your Own Chat GPT

With interlinking specific prompts, intent tuning and site integration, we transform ChatGPT into an automated, efficient interlinking manager. The immense time and complexity it saves allows focusing our energy on high-value SEO strategy and content whileunlocking exponential growth.

In essence, a customized ChatGPT SEO bot to handle interlinking and its adjacent tasks provides the catalyst needed for this scalability and efficiency. The power of AI automation applied to a critical organic channel thereby unlocks immense compounded growth.

Creating Your own custom gPT

Just Published My First Post Using Hubs, Amazing!!

The new HUBS feature at Wealthy Affiliate is simply amazing. I was able to publish my first blog post using HUBS.
It took me about 15 to 20 minutes to publish the article. I was able to get the outline of the article from hubs.
Once I finished the article came out to be over 700 words. Not bad for 15 to 20 minutes of work.
CEO OF Legit Affiliate Marketer

In Conclusion, A People First Approach to Making money online.

A people first approach to making money online, will always increase your profits. Your readers can relate to you, because they know that you understand their challenges. You give them clarity and clear call to action. When people are confused they tend to be like rabbit’s caught in headlights, they freeze and do nothing.

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