reason why people fail online

The Number One Reason Why People Fail Online

The #1 Problem Causing You to Fail: You

There’s a sense of doom and gloom hovering over the online marketing industry, like a menacing cloud of failure waiting to take people out. If you listen to some people, you’d think it was inevitable and almost out of your control. The number one reason why people fail online is usually their mindset.

Strategically, it’s in these people’s best interest for you to worry and believe this myth. If you do, either you get out of the industry and give up (which means less competition for them). Or they can sell you a magic bullet course for you to get over yourself.

Now is the time to empower yourself with the truth about why you’ve struggled. It’s not that you’re stupid or that the industry is crowded. It isn’t the niche or the time or money you lack to build a business.

The problem…is you

Ouch! That’s a tough pill to swallow, but sadly, in most cases, you will be your worst enemy when it comes to the pursuit of online success. Most of the time, it’s a mindset issue – from lacking confidence to not being willing to commit to something and see it through to fruition. 

But it can even be physical. Many marketers are complaining about their low energy levels or lack of sleep, causing them to procrastinate and put things off indefinitely. 

Below, you’re going to see some of the reasons why you’re the primary cause of your struggle. Hopefully, you can be honest in identifying which issue you can relate to, so that you can then implement the corresponding action plan to get out of your own way. 

You Let Overwhelm Get the Best of You 

Just about every newbie who has gotten into this business has had to deal with the concept of overwhelm at least once. This is a natural response to the sheer number of opportunities that you have to make money online.

With each of these opportunities comes massive responsibility to educate yourself, make decisions about your business and brand, and put yourself out there as a niche leader.

While this feeling is natural to encounter, you have to differentiate yourself from the masses who will never succeed by learning how to tame overwhelm and work despite it if you can’t make it subside. 

If you were to go to college and get a degree for a corporate job, you’d have a sense of safety and peace knowing your professors were there to guide you in what you need to know – and your boss would give you direct instructions on what to do in your job. 

Freedom, while it’s an amazing perk of being an online entrepreneur, is a big burden. You now have to decide what you need to know (which is hard because you don’t know what you don’t know) and how and who to learn it from. 

That, combined with the fact that dozens of ways to implement each business model, can instill the sense of overwhelm primarily because you fear making the wrong decision.

But it’s also caused by the thought of all the time and effort it will take to build your business. You have to gain ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages). You have to build a rapport with an audience and take time to position yourself as a leader. 

There are also numerous scammers online who will tell you what you want to hear – and it’s overwhelming trying to weed them out from the true leaders who care about your success. 

Because of this problem, many newbies dip their toe into something and then bolt from it, moving on to their next shiny new object. This is more reassuring because they feel like they’re working on their business.

But the truth is, they’re avoiding building a business. They get caught up in discovering and learning but never implementing. To combat this, you have to begin mapping out everything so that you can make a strong and informed decision. 

When you use a list or a mind map, it helps you take time to consider each option and narrow down your choices. You want to imagine what it would be like if you chose each business model or niche or other decisions you have to make. 

Go through a what if scenario so that you carefully and methodically determine the best course of action for your future. You’ll feel better about which direction to go in and even if the overwhelm is not erased completely, it will be manageable for you.

If you’re overwhelmed about all that you have to learn, make a schedule to go through the courses you’ve purchased. Carve out a set number of minutes or hours and spend that time chipping away at the course so that you’re continually making progress.

If you implement what you’re learning as you go, you will have less overwhelm because you’ll see that your efforts are taking shape. When you’re not doing anything other than learning, you’ll have to carry that burden of self-intimidation around constantly. 

When the sense of dread stems from the massive task list you have to shoulder as a solo entrepreneur, make a plan to help you with it. You can create templates to work from, checklists to manage the tasks, and cheat sheets to help you work more efficiently. 

Think of ways to help take some of the responsibility off of you, such as using a ghostwriter or graphic design freelancer. If you’re on a limited budget, purchase private label rights (PLR) content that you can use as is or as a springboard for more unique content that you don’t have to brainstorm, research and write from scratch. 

You Intimidate Yourself Out of Being Competitive

Your target audience expects you to project an air of confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should they? The number one reason why people fail online is usually you . Yet day after day, many marketers preface their promotions and posts online with public words about how they’re new, struggling, etc.

Top leaders don’t do that. They put the message out there that they’re the cream of the crop – the best niche leader you can find. And then they work to back up that public statement.

There are enough people trying to shove you off to the side as an irrelevant competitor, without you trying to devalue yourself in the marketplace. Instead of harping on why you aren’t the best, focus on why you are.

reason why people fail online

Being a good niche leader who researches and share valuable information, that’s a quality that already puts you far ahead of most marketers. If you have ethics to carry you in this business, where you’ll protect your followers from scams and worthless products, that’s a benefit, too. 

This is true whether you’re making public derogatory statements about yourself or you’re keeping it all in your head. You’ll project weakness and your target audience simply can’t be inspired and motivated by that. 

Refrain from making damaging statements or even thinking negative thoughts about your qualifications as a leader online. You have just as much passion to guide people to a better life as the next person. 

Focus on building a rapport with the right target audience. Weed out people who are not your demographic. For example, even in the world of marketing, there are two kinds of people.

First, you have those who want to genuinely help others and build something they can be proud of. A brand that helps people achieve their goals or eliminate a problem so they can live a better life.

Second, DON’T BE a scammy marketers. Scammy marketers’ have no ethics, or conscience. They don’t care who they hurt or who goes broke, so long as long the cash is bubbling over in their bank account. The people who don’t mind learning bad tactics and shady tasks are not your target audience.

The people who believe in overnight riches and push button profits can find someone else to learn from. This is true in any niche. There will be people who want someone to tell them they can lose 30 pounds in a week or less. On the other side of the coin are sensible people who want something more realistic. 

You’re going to have to practice gaining the confidence you need to succeed. Whenever a disparaging thought enters your mind, combat it with the truth and a more gentle massage.

If you encounter someone who is rude or who puts you down as a marketer, don’t adopt the same mindset. They’re allowed to have their opinions and experiences – and it doesn’t mean they’re right. 

Engage in some sort of mental activity that boosts your confidence regularly. It might be guided meditation, positive affirmations, or afforjust reaching out to help someone who knows less than you so that you can enjoy the feel-good endorphins of lifting others up. 

Keep track of all of the smalls you gain as an online entrepreneur. Every single subscriber sees your worth. Each and every buyer thinks your opinion holds value. Every time someone engages with you, it’s proof that you are a needed resource in the niche and industry.

You Aren’t Willing to Be Strategic

One big reason why you may be failing in this industry is that you are treating it as a hobby instead of a career. Actually, you may not even be treating it as a hobby because those who engage in their hobby usually have a passion for it and want to learn more about it so that they can excel.

What often happens with people who struggle in this career is that they rush through the learning process, do a poor job implementing the lesson, and when it fails, they simply move on to the next thing in hopes that it will bring the success they desire.

There are processes and systems you need to implement in your business in order to bring about success – regardless of which business model or niche that you choose. For example, you need to carve out time to research.

This is a boring task for many people, so they simply go with what they know and never dig any further into their niche topic or the competition. When it comes to your niche topic, you have to be able to do more than just pull things off the top of your head in order to set yourself apart as a competitor.

You also need to keep your finger on the pulse of the marketplace by looking at the competition to see what others are doing that you might be able to adopt into your own business or even improve upon.

Testing is another thing that is beneficial to your pursuit of success, but most are not willing to take the time to set up systems that will split test elements of their emails and sales copy.

If you aren’t willing to improve upon what you are already doing, you will be destined to fail. Every successful marketer knows they have to test and then analyze the data they generate to grow their income into something substantial.

Another thing many struggling marketers refuse to be strategic with is in the way they monetize their business. There are many people who publish numerous blog posts and send out nurturing emails to their list, but they forget or aren’t good at the monetization process.

They might not link out whenever there’s an opportunity to earn a commission, or they’re hesitant to promote anything for fear of pushback from readers. Monetization can also be about your own products.

You have to be strategic in the pricing of your own products so that you are earning what they are worth, Catering to the needs of your followers, and also being capable of attracting the attention of top affiliates in your niche.

Networking (or lack thereof) is another strategy error you might be experiencing. If you are not networking with others in your industry, whether it’s for simple support or strategic partnerships, you will find it hard to advance on your own.

If you are networking, but you are aligning yourself with people who have a reputation for being unethical or lacking value, even if they make good money, you will be destroying your ability to build loyalty with your customers in the future.

Make a plan for your networking that includes observing (lurking) to see how people behave online. Watch for customer comments and see what others have to say about the person you’re considering aligning with in any way. 

Then start the process of engaging others carefully, first by doing it publicly on their content, then via direct messages when applicable. Never continue engaging with anyone who gives you a negative gut feeling. 

You Keep Comparing Yourself to Others

This is a difficult one because it’s almost inevitable that you will look to others when you are getting your own start with an online business. They are the only resources you have to look up to in terms of how to achieve certain goals.

This is actually a healthy endeavor when you use it sparingly. It’s good to see what other people are involved in and how they are doing things. However, when you begin comparing your own journey to some one else’s in a negative way that makes you want to throw in the towel, it can be a sign that you are doing it wrong. A great website to learn from others is Wealthy Affiliate.

Healthy comparison is when you look to someone else in your niche or business model and see what you can learn from their journey and apply to your own. If you simply look at another person in terms of the money they’re making and compare it to your own income, you could be sabotaging your progress.

You may have been in the business the same amount of time, following the same business model in the same niche as someone else and find yourself struggling while they succeed.

Analyze Where Others are Succeeding and you can improve.

Many people will simply look at those facts, throw their hands in the air and give up. Instead of taking that route, you want to carefully dissect and analyze their efforts so you can see what they’ve done differently that may have resulted in their success and your failure.

Because so many people don’t want to experience this feeling of failure when comparing themselves to others, you will find that they often simply follow in the exact footsteps of those who have come before them.

If they take a course on search engine optimization and the teacher uses their own site about dog health as an example, there are people who will start their own site as close to the example one as possible so that they try to avoid failure.

They will even go so far as to purchase a domain name with a different extension period for example, if the teacher has, they will try to secure 

As they are watching the course or reading about it, they will copy every single step the teacher takes, down to the creation of content about identical topics. A few will even copy the teacher’s content verbatim without shame, operating in fear only.

Don’t be a Copy Cat

You’re only supposed to use courses as a guide on how to do something. The examples are just that – they’re not meant to be your own choices. While some turn into blatant copycats, others compare themselves to the point where they just avoid competing altogether. 

If they come up with an idea and see that the topic’s been done, they give up. You have to have some fight in you – the ability and desire to prove to the target audience that you have something to bring to the table that others don’t.

That may just be your style of teaching, your nurturing manner or insight others haven’t been sharing with them, while you’re willing to go the extra mile. Another thing you have to remember is that there are a lot of smoke and mirrors in this business.

You might see someone on a bestseller list making thousands of sales and assume they’re great. Much of the money earned in this industry is all about reciprocal promotions and backroom deals. 

Marketers will network with one another without ever considering the quality of a product just to earn a commission or win a prize in a contest. If you looked carefully, you’d see a high refund rate and many dissatisfied customers. 

These people are being strategic – that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ethical or smarter than you. You can achieve the same kind of success, but do it in a way that you can be proud of. 

The best way to work online is to have a dedicated time when you conduct some reconnaissance on the competition for specific information such as what they are selling, the price points, etc.

Don’t allow yourself to simply let your mind wander on a regular basis where are you are blindly comparing your journey to someone else’s without knowing all of the details about how they earned their money.

You Give Yourself Too Much Leeway 

One way you might be sabotaging your success is by enjoying your freedom a little too much. Many times, when people launch a career as an online entrepreneur, they fail to learn how to manage their time properly.

They will often see fellow marketers talking about binging shows in the middle of the day or taking off on vacations regularly. They mistakenly believe they can do that at the start of their journey.

Sometimes, they’re just sick of the 9-5 grind and the chaos of working with coworkers and having a boss breathe down their neck, so they take time to deprogram from the corporate world.

This is actually a beneficial process to engage in. However, you need to have a set start and end date for this type of activity where you allow your mind to reset and allow you to tap into your creativity and entrepreneurial passion.

Then, you need to formulate a plan where you are knocking out all of the tasks that you have each day without leaning on excuses or procrastinating because you are now your own boss and can set the rules.

There will be even more pressure on you to succeed when you are working solo then when you were in the corporate world with a blueprint and an entire team supporting you.

Map Out your Tasks

You need to map out all of your tasks – including time to research and brainstorm so that you can strategize properly, time to create content and products, time to network with others that include affiliates and people who can support you along the way, time to handle your administrative tasks, and more.

This will be a career in which you need to learn how to buckle down and handle your business without fail. Have plans for moments where you are sick or even when you just need a creative break.

Always look at it from the perspective of a boss. Whenever you want to take off for the day or push a project on the back burner, think of how you would feel if you were paying an employee and they requested that time off.

If you are accomplishing enough during other times, you will feel good about allowing yourself to have those breaks whenever you need them. But if you know deep down that you are not doing your best at pursuing your goals, you’ll want to push yourself more.

You’re a One Trick Pony 

There’s one other reason that causes you to fail because of something you are doing or not doing. Unfortunately, in the online marketing arena, most people are learning a variety of skills and applying them to a myriad of projects.

If you are someone who learns something and refuses to learn more or different ways to do things, you will be sabotaging yourself because your competitors will pick up the slack and cater to the needs of your target audience instead.

There are two different areas where this can hurt you. The first is by only learning and launching one income stream. You never know if a time will come when your current business is completely shut down by a third party platform.

For example, if you rely on YouTube for your income, and you wake up to a banned account, your entire finances would be in upheaval. If Etsy was where you were selling your low content products, and you suddenly lost your account, you would have to start from scratch.

There are many instances where things like this happen. Sometimes, it’s a platform where you are selling things. Sometimes, it’s a payment platform. You might even wake up and your email autoresponder has disappeared or shut down your account.

You always want to have multiple streams of income that you can fall back on when and if something happens to another one. Having multiple accounts on platforms is a wise strategy, but you also want to have different business models up and running in case one of them goes under.

For example, you should have your own line of info products, operate as an affiliate earning commissions from others, start raking in money as a content creator on social networking sites, etc.

Another place where sticking to your comfort zone is a bad idea is in the media formats that you choose to use to get your message out to your target audience. Sometimes, this is a problem based on your own insecurities.

For example, you may only publish text content because you worry about how you look and don’t want to be on camera where trolls can make fun of you or your voice. This is understandable, but as an adult who is choosing to lead a niche audience, you either need to find a work around. You can choose to ignore people who are in reality jealous of your success.

Find A Workable Work Around For You

One type of work around, for example, would be if you created a slideshow presentation using a free tool like Canva and recorded the screen with you talking in the background. You may even have the opposite problem – being very confident in your ability to be on camera, but less so when it comes to the written word.

Whenever you encounter some sort of problem area that is preventing you from expanding your reach or doing more in your business, reach out to people you trust in the industry and ask them if they have any suggestions for how you can overcome it.

If you don’t have anyone you feel close enough to, then you can ask in a marketing forum. Someone who struggles with text content could easily use a free editor to spot typos and spelling problems ahead of time so that when their content is published, it is cleaned up for the reader. Grammarly is an excellent free tool.

It’s hard for people to admit that all along, they may have been the very problem that was preventing them from succeeding. The truth is, this scenario is often more beneficial to you than if you gave your power to someone or something else and approached your failure as a situation where you are being restricted from achieving your goals.

As long as you know that you are in the driver’s seat, you will be able to spot behaviors and actions that you are doing or not doing and implement the changes that will finally allow you to leave your struggles in the rearview mirror and move forward in your journey.

There is absolutely no shame in finding out that you have been the cause of your failures. It takes a strong person to look in the mirror at their flaws. To be open to fixing them puts you on the same level of entrepreneurs who achieve great heights, because too many others will refuse to see the truth or accept personal responsibility for what has happened to date. 

It’s easier to blame a course, a tool, or a seller for not working properly to help you succeed. Using excuses will keep you weighed down by failure. Do the hard work of creating lasting change and you will finally see the kind of success you crave and deserve. 

The Number one reason Why People Fail Online.

In conclusion, the number one reason why people fail online does not have to be you. The people who are six and figure marketers are no different from you. They have two arms and two legs, their brain is not exceptional. What separates them from you is the fact they have a success mindset and you can cultivate one too.

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