Five Highly Lucrative Ways You Can Earn Money While Working From Home.

You Can Earn Money While Working From Home

Seniors Can Survive Impending Economic Hardship Part 2

Five Highly Lucrative Ways You Can Earn Money While Working From Home is the subject of today’s article. Yesterday we discussed how seniors can survive impending Economic hardship. Today we are going to expand those ideas and talk about making money online. It might seem like a frightening prospect. You have read about, heard about or worse still experienced online scams. Amidst all that there are some awesome ways to earn a legitimate and lucrative income, whilst working from home. These are only opportunities where you start a business yourself where you offer services or products that people are paying for.

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1. Put Your Administrative Skills to Work and Earn Online

Weekly Business Systematization Tasks For Product Owners Day 1

Running an online business can be frustrating as well as exciting. It comes with a lot of tasks, and you often have to be the jack of all trades. Outsourcing is expensive when you are just starting out, and you have to slog on yourself.

Unfortunately, dealing with all these tasks yourself can lead to overwhelm very quickly. A system will alleviate the feeling that everything is just too much to handle.

A system is defined as a repeating set of sets that are done in the same order and the same way. A plan incorporated into a cheat sheet is what this series of articles is all about.

Systems help because you know exactly what you are doing and nothing gets missed. Its stops you from spinning too many plates all at once, and because you have a plan you can follow it to the letter. The correct plan will allow your business to run much more smoothly. It will help you find the right resources for your business.

These articles will be delivered over a week. and they will constitute your weekly checklist. Don’t panic this is a five day working week not seven days. it is just as important hat you have a break at least once a week to recharge your batteries.

A plan means that all the tasks will get done on a timely basis. Without a system you can duplicate some tasks and leave others undone. If you use this five day plan, you will know when to update your blog. When to reach out to your listies. How to deal with customer service, this can be disastrous when you do it incorrectly or ignore it. What days you will be promoting your affiliate marketing so that that thrives and you don’t miss new product launches.

The first step is to group similar jobs all together on the same day of the week Systematizing in this ways means you don’t keep repeating going over old ground.

This plan allows you to arrange the tasks in the best way that works for your business. But it is just easier if you look at and edit your newsletter just one day a week. That means that you are not opening your autoresponder every second day to do minor edits. Putting all your social media efforts into one day also helps because you are in that head space all day.

Day 1. Looking at your blog.

Before you start to look at your content you should check that you have Google analytics installed (G4). it is not enough to have your blog you need to analyze the stats, Where are people landing on your blog. How long are they staying on each page. These stats are a vital part of your systemization.

The first thing I look at in systemizing a blog is looking at old content. It is human nature to want ot look at newer content. However this is not what you are looking at here you are looking at the engagement from your readers. This is measurable what posts had a lot of interaction. This is measured by your comments. The first thing you are going to do is create a spreadsheet, write down the blog title and how many comments, then create a second page. On the second page I jot down the topic of the blog posts that have over thirty comments.

If this idea does not resonate with you then add the content ideas directly into your blog publishing calendar. Whilst you are at it as they resonate with your audience repurpse those posts as email content .You can also use the link to recommend either your product or someone elses.

If there are comments that need activating do it on this day and also reply to all comments. Talking of comments it is ok to have negative comments.
There is something very simpering about comments that praise you to the hilt. Dont get me kwrong you want comments like that, but you also want real comments as well. Just becasue someone writes “I tried this and it didnt work for me” its not an excuse to let your ego kick in. If you do you will delete the comment, becasue you cant have a whiff of criticism.

THat’s not the best way to deal with it. Reply and ask them why it didnt work. If they reply you have a discussion going on. That is great it shows Google there is interaction. If they don’t reply it shows your other readers that you care enough to try nad help someone. Remember you are buildign your tribe, not your fan club.
Another reason for replting to comments is engagement. Engagement is good, but it also gives oyu an opportunity to add keywords into your replies. This is all strategic systems add a keyord or related keyword at every opportunity. This will naturally help your blog get better search engine rankings. You are looking to optimize yourblog to get as many eyeballs as you can on your content. Optimized content allows you climb up the search pages. No one is going to find you on page 67.

Now start examing where a lot of your tradfic is coming from. If it is coming from organic search then concentrate your efforts on doing your keyword research and writing quality helpful articles. At soemtimes you will find that one particular social media platform is sending you the majority of your traffic. So start concentrating efforts on that patform on sicial media day.

once yu have finished with the posts that are ranking well have a look at the posts that have bombed. Maybe they havent been indexed or they or not ranking well. Try and work out why they crashed and burned. It might just be the wrong time of the year but it could be something fixable. if your keywords are not correct, you are not writing content that people are looking for.

Maybe the keywords were there, but the content was flat . You need content that snap crackles and pops. What I mena by this is the fact that it tells a story. It draws potential readers’ in on an emotional level. It tugs at their heartstrings.

THere is nothing wrong with updating an article when something has changed either in gthe content or you have better keywords. In fact every time you learn something new about blogging you shoudl be changing your whols blog, dont just work on that specific article. If you have had a ligh bulb moment then milk it for all it is worth. Change every article to reflect your new knowledge.

Publishing a blog is not a set in stone process. This weekly audit help you to keep your content fresh.

Finally i use a broken links plugin to see if there are any broken links. Once you have over ffity articles on your blog I can pretty much guarantee that you have links which are broken. Tht is not good from a search engine optimization (SEO ) point ofview. It is alo bad from a sales point of view. If you are recommending products with broken links then you are defintely missing the potential for a sale.

Email Procedure – Make Your Email Marketing Plan

Also on day 1, one of the tasks that you need to focus on is your email marketing. Go to whatever system you use for automated emails. You want to write an email draft that you’ll be using throughout the week.

To keep this step organized for easy reference, label each email according to that day’s date. So for example, you might be sending something out on Tuesday, the 17th. You might label that as Tue-17th so that you know when you’re supposed to queue that up to go out.

In the content part of the email, make sure that you use whatever salutation you’ve chosen. Most people use the words hello, hi, or good morning. You can set it to auto input the email list recipient’s first name by using {firstname_fix}!

Then you want to add something about your week or day because this is a way of building a personal connection. Next, share what you have to offer. This could be your own product, an affiliate product or another item you want to promote.

Explain why they will want this item by showing them the results or value they’ll get from buying and using it. Finish it up with a useful tip or insight that your subscriber will be grateful for.

Once you’ve done, that, end the email with whatever closing phrase you’ve chosen along with your name. By having this email plan, you can simply create an extra section or offer in your emails if you end up needing to inform your subscribers about something else.

Social Media Procedure – Grow Your List With Posts and Share Your Incentive

Another task you’ll want to do on this day is to sign in to each one of your social media platforms. On these platforms, you’ll want to mention what incentive it is that you’re offering for people who sign up for your email marketing list.

You’ll want to mention how your free gift can help them. It’s you basically saying what they’ll gain from getting it. On each of your social media posts, you need to direct traffic straight to the offer on your website.

Looking at your incentive, you’ll want to highlight something from it to share that causes the audience to want to know more. Then use a prompt directing them on what they need to do next.

Don’t skip that part. This step is important because it’s what can make people want to do something to get what they want. For many people, it takes several times of hearing a call to action to actually do what they’re being invited to do.

Product Launch Procedure – Know What the People Need

You can’t sell what someone doesn’t need no matter what you say. That’s why it’s imperative that you tap into the direct need of a consumer. You can figure this out by examining your audience’s online questions, comments and purchases.

Pay attention to what people say when they contact you. Sometimes people will email entrepreneurs for advice. You can also check out what your audience says when they respond to your posts online.

See what type of information guides, courses and books that your audience is buying. Create a master list of what questions they’re asking to solve certain issues. That will tell you what your audience is hungry for.

Affiliate Marketing Procedure – Research Items for What You Can Tell Your Audience About

Part of your plan to build a successful business as an entrepreneur will include research. You need to figure out what you’re going to promote. Decide how many items you’re going to promote each week, then search for that amount of items.

You can do this research by looking on well-known affiliate sites like ClickBank, Commission Junction and Amazon. Make sure you’re looking for items with a good reputation and value.

If you promote items that are lousy, your audience will stop trusting you. The products you promote should directly address their most pressing needs. That may be physical, financial, or emotional in nature.

Customer Service Procedure – Help the Customer

By having “help the customer” as your goal in customer service, you’ll build a reputation as someone that takes care of their audience. Never ignore any correspondence from your customers.

Today, look at the messages in your inbox. Make sure you search your trash in case you accidentally deleted one and look in any “others” folder or spam box, too so that you don’t overlook anything.

Even if you can’t fix the issue that same day, you can still reach out to the customer to let them know they’ve been heard and that you’re working to fix the issue. This builds good will with them and ensures they’ll stay tuned in to you for niche leadership.

this is probably the most obvious you can earn money while working from home, if you have ever worked in an office environment. If you don’t want to be out in the workforce, consider your ability to earn money online. We’re going to cover five different highly lucrative ways you can earn money while working from home.

These are only opportunities where you start a business yourself where you offer services or products that people are paying for. This is not the same as the scams you read about where you have to pay money to start earning or you have to recruit people in your downline in order to profit.

First, consider using your administrative skills and talents to work as a freelancer for other online entrepreneurs. These solo workers have a hard time managing all of the various tasks on their to do list and you can set a competitive rate to get the job done for them.

Using your Administrative Skills as a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual assistants (VAs) can help people with tasks such as manning a help desk. Every self respecting seller of goods or services on the Internet has a help desk. This is a crucial role in any organization. It is the first place a customer arrives when they have problems.

it is a huge responsibility to do this and most companies pay at least $30 an hour for this service. Would you want your helpdesk manned by idiots? Neither do companies which is why they pay well. There are often perks as well certainly if they are selling digital goods. The companies have to give their staff access to their products. You can’t help people if you don’t know why or how their products work.

Help Bloggers

Some internet marketers run multiple websites. These marketer may give you a file of their blog posts and have you log into their website and paste the content in there and then format it for them before publishing it for their readers. When you look at this page all the heading are the same font and the same colors. The spacing is the same between the paragraphs, this is known as formatting.

You might be the person who recruits affiliates for a marketer’s product launch. VA’s can handle this, or you can offer your services as what’s known as an affiliate manager and get jobs that way.

Basically, you’ll be figuring out who would make a good prospect to promote someone’s info product launch and then you’d reach out to them with information about the product, review copies and details about how much they could earn.

There may be other administrative tasks you would be asked to do – and if you have talent and skills, you might be do some ghostwriting and graphic design as a freelancer, too.

Instead of being hired by clients to do admin work, you could offer ghostwriting services or design services for their online marketing needs. Entrepreneurs need content for their emails, info products, blog posts and more.

They also need images like eCovers for their various info products, social media graphics like the headers you see on YouTube channels or Facebook, and infographics they can use on their blog or places like Pinterest.

In order to get gigs like these, consider networking with marketers on social media to make them aware of your services. You can also sign up on platforms like UpWork and Fiverr to bid on jobs and get hired by customers and clients, too.

2. Make Money as a Person Who Recommends Products to Others AKA Affiliate Marketer

If you like giving your opinion about certain things, or you have a knack for making smart shopping decisions, you can help others shop for the things they want – and get paid for it! This is probably the easiest way you can earn money while working from home. It is certainly the easiest way to start making money online

Known as affiliate marketing, you’ll sign up (for free) to become a liaison of sorts for various platforms where consumers shop – like Amazon, for example. Amazon will give you your very own Associates link.

That way, whenever you make a recommendation for something – from kitchen gadgets to face cream, you will earn a commission whenever someone clicks through on your link and purchases it.

Not only that, but you’ll also earn commission on anything else they add to their cart while on the site. And Amazon isn’t the only platform you can earn from! There are thousands of affiliate programs from brands on sites like Share-a-Sale and Commission Junction, too.

This business model isn’t reserved for tangible products that ship to someone’s home, either. You can find many digital tools and products to recommend and earn commissions on, too.

For example, if you want to help people over 40 lose weight, you can find courses that teach just that. ClickBank is an affiliate network with many courses on aspects of fitness and nutritio . You can also find tangible items like ab exercise machines and supplements you can promote for a commission.

Some sites and companies allow you to earn as an affiliate solely using free social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook. Others want to see that you have a blog of your own.

Even if you have never blogged before

If you’ve never blogged before – it’s super easy to set up. Wealthy Affiliate is a training school for affiliate marketers that has been going on for over Fifteen years. I have been a member since September 2007. My tutors recommended it to me in 2007 when I was reading for a psychology BA. Even university tutors recommend it.

Wealthy affiliate allows you a free domain to create your very own website. It gives you the early lessons you need to create your own blog. This saves you purchasing your own domain, buying hosting and all the other peripheral expenses of setting things up yourself.

The main advantage here is that it is all done on one platform. If you choose to go it alone, you go to GoDaddy a domain provider. Purchase a domain and then search for your own hosting, which is a minefield.

Wealthy Affiliate Community is itself a fantastic resource

Wealthy Affiliate has an awesome community which is super helpful. You can ask a question in live chat 24/7 and get an immediate answer.

For example, if you were going to promote things like gardening supplies and courses, you might see if a domain like is available.

Then go to a company like Momsweb and sign up for a small hosting plan where you can upload your files and build your blog. This shouldn’t cost more than S10 a month. It is free with Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you connect your hosting and domain, you can use QuickInstall to quickly let the system install WordPress for you so that you can begin blogging and recommending products to buyers.

There are dozens of free videos walking you through this process in a step-by-step manner. You can find on YouTube, so don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with the steps to create your own blog. Or alternatively, enroll for free here, Wealthy affiliate.

Choosing A Niche

A niche is just a bunch of people who want to buy stuff. Wealthy affiliate training is about choosing a niche and ensuring it will be profitable.

Once your blog is set up, you can choose which product you will promote with your affiliate link. You can review individual products or create lists. Examples would be a top five list of the best raised garden beds on the market.

There is a free keyword tool within Wealthy Affiliate. This clearly demonstrates what consumers are searching for. For example, people might want to know which is the best aluminum raised garden bed. Or which raised garden bed should they buy that has a bottom to it?

You can write informative content that helps people not only buy the products they need but use them correctly, too. You might find that consumers in your niche want to know the benefits of using a raised garden bed. And in your content where you explain it, you can also have a link out to the raised garden bed that you feel would be their best investment.

3. Become a Blogger Earning Ad Money

When you start a blog with the simple steps listed above, you can do more than just gain an audience who buys products through your affiliate link. You have the potential to earn ad revenue, too.

You can sign up as an AdSense earner, where you copy and paste some code into your site, and Google will showcase ads that their customers are paying to run on your site. They try to tailor the ads to whatever topic your blog is about.

So if you have a blog about homesteading and survival, the ads that show up might be for survival courses or for canning bundles, bug-out bags, and other gear and gadgets people are looking for.

You don’t have to take time to sort through ad offers and pick who can and can’t showcase ads on your domain. Google will handle it all for you on autopilot. All you’ll want to do is keep publishing good content that brings readers in and hopefully gets them to click on an ad.

Google lets you calculate how much you could earn from your views. For example, if you live in North America and you choose the beauty and fitness category to blog about, you could earn almost $8,000 a year extra with just 50,000 page views.

Everything on Autopilot – Done by Google

That sounds like a lot of traffic, but if you spend a little time understanding how to optimize your site so that it ranks well in search engine results pages, it isn’t too hard to begin seeing the money roll in. All of those lessons are inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Your earnings will depend on what you blog about. Those same 50,000 page views can earn you over $19,000 if you blog about finances instead. And some will earn less – like news topics, which only deliver $2,000 from the same number of views.

The more content you publish and the more traffic you see, the more you earn. If you blog about finances and get up to 500,000 page views, you’ll make over $192,000 a year.

Focus on knowing what keywords people are searching for and delivering good content that helps you get ranked for easy traffic and ad revenue. This is something you can do in conjunction with affiliate marketing to expand your income even more.

4. Succeed as a Senior Earning Social Media Money

Social networking sites have the ability to allow you to earn money while working from home. Creating content that helps others or entertains them. Take, for instance, Brunch with Babs.

This is a grandmother who started a TikTok account, and she not only shares her wisdom but also helps people learn and understand how to make traditional recipes that were passed down in her family.

There are so many younger people who don’t have a senior family member to learn specific skills from. She teaches everything from how to cure jet lag and how to whiten your clothes to how to make the best ambrosia salad.

This one senior has almost 2 million followers and has now published cookbooks and earns as an affiliate and as a content creator. Specific social media apps will pay you for your content when you gain followers and get plenty of views.

All it took was her sharing her cooking hacks and tips, and she made a very lucrative business out of it. There are many more like her. Grandfathers are out there on social media teaching boys how to become men by working on their cars or fixing things around the house.

Some senior couples share their relationship advice or just showcase the ups and downs of being married or being their age. You don’t have to come up with some unique idea no one’s ever heard of – you can put your everyday life on there – from making a tomato sandwich to showing how you fold towels properly, and you’ll find an audience who appreciates it.

5. Write a Book and Sell It as a Digital Download

Another way to earn as a senior citizen and eliminate your worries about inflation and the cost of living is to put your knowledge and skills into the form of a book. You can earn money while working from home. Even if you feel you don’t write well. If you have a story to tell, you can use the dictation feature on your Microsoft Word program or even your smartphone’s Notes program and speak the story at first.

Then you can either clean it up yourself or hire an editor. There are even free tools you can run it through to fix things like spelling, typos, and grammar for you. Once it’s ready, you have a couple of options for earning from it.

First, you can publish it as a digital info product as you see on places like ClickBank, JVZoo, and Warrior Plus. These eBooks often sell for anywhere from $27-67. Affiliates will also promote to their list for you so that you gain even more sales. (by sharing a commission with them, of course).

Another thing you can do is self-publish on Amazon or Barnes and Noble’s Nook, among other places. Signing up and publishing your book with these publishers is no fee. They just take a small percentage (like 30%) from each sale, and you get to keep the rest!

If your book is fiction you can sell it online without taking the traditional route of finding an agent and sending manuscripts to a publisher. You’ll create your work for the audience to enjoy, upload it and start to sell right away.

Make sure you have a good cover that fits in well with the rest of the covers in your genre. Take time to write a good blurb that entices readers to buy your book. And make sure you write the kind of book they’re expecting.

For example, if you write a clean romance, you wouldn’t use curse words and steamy scenes. Likewise, you wouldn’t leave those elements out if you’re writing a steamy romance.

There are many solid ways you can earn money online. You don’t have to sign up for risky programs. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO SPAM PEOPLE. Nor is it necessary to badger your friends.

You can have a mix of all of the above steps. Where you stop spending improperly, get assistance, and begin earning both online and off. Your financial won’t resolve itself overnight. But it will set you on the right path and provide you with peace of mind about your future and current finances.

In conclusion Things may seem bleak at this moment, but these ideas are solid ideas. you can earn money while working from home using the above ideas.You can create real sustainable income to cushoin your twilight years. Or you can flip your finances on it’s head. There is absoutely no limit to the amount of money you can make online. It is a scalable business and you can reach any modest or dizzy heights. You can empower yourself to get anything you want out of life. You Can Earn Money While Working From Home anytime you want.


  1. I have just lost my job and I found this article to be very lucrative as i want to be able to control my own destiny. The only way I can think of to do that is to work online. It has taught me to evaluate my skill sets

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