Developing a stronger mindset for business success
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Developing A Stronger Mindset For Business Success.

In fairness, we have all struggled with Developing a stronger mindset for business success. An entrepreneurial mindset takes guts. I had the advantage of growing up in an entrepreneurial family. Both parents had their own individual businesses. Just because I am used to the idea that as an entrepreneur, you are responsible you create your own business, and your own income, it doesn’t mean I don’t understand how other people feel. I was head coach for Sarah Staar, for many years and I helped thousand of people change the way they think.

The Right Mindset is crucial

“Whether you think you can or you can’t the chances are that you are right”.

Henry Ford

We have all had that little voice in the back of our heads at times. You know the voice well. The one that reminds you that you are not good enough to be an entrepreneur, or

  • You will never amount to anything.
  • It would be best if you didn’t even try because you are going to fail
  • I’m not smart enough
  • Other people make money online, but my mum was a dinner lady, or feel free to add your own story.
  • I will never learn the technical side of building a website

Do feel free to insert your own limiting beliefs here. There are thousands more.

What is a limiting belief?

A limiting belief is a thought or state of mind that you think is the absolute truth and stops you from doing certain things. These beliefs don’t always have to be about yourself, either. They could be about how the world works, ideas, and how you interact with people.

What If I were to tell you these limiting beliefs aren’t Yours

Seriously, I am not joking here. That wasn’t a sick joke or a typo. Until the age of seven, your brain is like a sponge, functioning in a hypnotic state. It literally absorbs everything it hears. And I mean everything. Sadly children don’t have the reasoning powers or the experience to understand whether those ideas are correct or not. So when your dad/big brother/little sister/kid next door told you weren’t good enough, you believed it.

the Toltecs call this process Domestication

Every society has something called domestication. It is carried out to disempower you and to stop you from thinking for yourselves. You can be sure your parents did it to you, as their parents domesticated them. Chances are, if you have kids, you have done it to your children.

Domestication is an idea that is not yours. Your society forces you to adopt these ideas from a variety of sources. No culture in the world is exempt, except for practicing Toltecs.

Developing a stronger mindset for business success

An Example of domestication.

A little boy goes to see his grandmother, who has spent all morning cooking all his favorite foods. He sits done to eat and puts down his fork. His grandmother says

” Sebastian, I have spent all morning cooking this nutritious food.”

Sebastian replies

“Thank you, grandma; I am full.”

Amiffed grandmother says

“Sebastian, these are your favorite foods, and I made them, especially for you.”

A frustrated intuitive eater Sebastian says

“I can’t eat anymore. I feel sick.”

Grandma says

” If you don’t eat that, I have wasted my morning.”

Sebastian looking down at his plate dejectively says

“I feel sick.”

Then comes the piece de resistance from Grandma


Thirty five years later, Sebastian is celebrating his wedding anniversary, and he is full. He lays down his fork. Then he looks down at his plate and silently picks up his fork, and finishes his food. His grandmother is long dead, but he has accepted the book of Law.

Book of law

The domestication process teaches us that we need to be a certain way to be accepted, and because it’s not okay to be what and who you are, we start pretending. You learn to be who you are not. You form an image of what is expected of you. You become who you are not. You don’t accept yourself. You create this image of who you should be. You create a false image. You try to be who you are not. You try to pretend. You pretend to be who you are not. You try and you fail. You keep trying. You keep failing. You keep on trying. You keep on trying to pretend that you are who you are not. You keep on trying to be who you are not.

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John Doe

2. the book of law.

When you are a child, the humans who care for you teach you what they know, and more than ninety percent of the knowledge isn’t true. The truth is what leads to your authenticity, to happiness. Believing in lies or a distortion of the truth is what leads to limitations in your life, needless suffering, and drama. In human domestication, you don’t have the opportunity to choose what you believe. All the rules and values imposed by family and society are downloaded into your mind. Just as a computer, all that information is stored.

But, unlike computers, you have a choice. You can choose what to believe. You can decide what is true for you. You can decide who you want to be. You can decide how you want to live your life. You can decide to live authentically. You can decide that you no longer want to believe what you’ve been taught. You can decide not to accept what’s already been decided for you. You can decide to take back your power. You can decide to do what makes you happy.

You can decide whether you want to follow someone else’s plan or create your own. You can decide if you want to keep living your life the way you’ve always been or if you want to change it. You can decide whether or not you’re going to keep believing what’s been programmed into you or if you’re going to reprogram yourself. You can decide for yourself. You can become your own person. You can discover who you really are. You can discover what you really believe. You can find out what you really think.

You can figure out what you really feel. You can figure out who you really want to be. You can figure out how to be that person. You can learn how to be happy. You can discover how to be free. You can find out how to be yourself. You can find out who you are. You can uncover your truth. You can reveal your authentic self. You can embrace your freedom. You can claim your individuality. You can define your uniqueness.

1. You can uncover your truth. You can reveal your authentic self. You can define your uniqueness.

2. You can reveal your authentic self. You can embrace your freedom. You can claim your individuality. You can define your uniqueness.

3. Stop listening to the voices in your head and learn to develop the tactical strategies listed below to make you more robust.

Developing a stronger mindset for business success

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3. Developing A Stronger Mindset For Business Success takes Action

stop Being a Perfectionist

Nothing kills creativity like being a perfectionist. Most of us were pushed as children, if only by bullies. The type of pushing, I mean, are ideas like you could do better, try harder. This does not allow any way of developing a stronger mindset for business because you are blindsided by thinking you aren’t good enough.

get over yourself. Your Readers Aren’t looking for perfection

Your readers want to read your blog because they like your style and know, like, and trust you. They would not stay on your website if they didn’t. That idea is not rocket science. When you procrastinate in completing things, you deny your readers a chance to see your shining light.

Embrace Failure it is a Stepping Stone to Success.

If you’re going to fail, fail spectacularly. Certain business owners do indeed strike it lucky and see immediate success with their ventures. However, let’s face it, how many businesspeople do you know who were successful on their first attempt? The U.S. S. According to the Small Business Administration, only about half of newly established companies survive for five years, and only about a third do so for ten years or longer. Even the most well-known success stories, like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, were once known for having numerous failures!

The successful business owners we see in the world today got there thanks to their mistakes, not because of them, and they used each setback as a launching pad for even better concepts. Although it can seem frightening, failure is really just a valuable learning opportunity. Knowing what doesn’t work paves the way for revision or removal from the list and advancement. Failure is a part of life for everyone, but shrewd business owners know how to use it’s a stepping stone to developing a stronger mindset for business success. The following quote was Edison talking about inventing the light bulb.

“I haven’t failed — I’ve just found 10,000 that won’t work.”

Thomas Edison

Be Passionate About What You Do.

The best business owners are those who are either passionate about the good or service they provide or who enjoy the process of starting a business and seeing it develop. They are adept at finding enjoyment in their work. That spark has to be present somewhere because sometimes your enthusiasm for your work is the only thing that can get you through tough times.

Remember, you probably gave up a dead end job. You hated to be a solopreneur. Sure, you can build a successful business by being shrewd and methodical, but if you don’t feel at least a little bit excited about what you do, at some point, all the energy propelling you forward is going to dry up. There are plenty of business owners who will tell you that the path is far easier-and comes with a much steadier paycheck than striking out on your own, so why not just go and work for someone else?

Communicate With Your Customers Treat Them as People.

Your success will ultimately come from your relationship with your customers. Being real with them and telling them the pitfalls and joys make you look real. Niche sites thrive on this communication. You have read your scammy websites, where the writers just scream, “Buy this, “or “Gimme, gimme gimme.”! You will have exited pretty pronto, don’t make your customers feel the same way.

Ask For Help Often.

Solopreneurs, when they first start, have to have a be-it-all, do it all attitude. This involves a juggling game as you have to wear many different hats at once and learn lots of new skills. They’ll take on bigger piles of goals, slog through ever-longer hours, fall asleep at their desk, and forget to show up at dinner. Or worse—they’ll run their health into the ground, mismanage business risks, or burn out completely.

To succeed in business, you must be prepared to ask for help. As innovative a trailblazer you may be, chances are that those who have come before you could share a helpful tip or two. Invest time in relationships with mentors and other business owners, and be proactive in asking for—and offering—help, insights, and advice when needed. You’re going to need other people’s help all along the way. Get comfortable asking for it now. One of the best communities I know of to get help with an online business is Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member since 2007 and mentor many people. Click on the link and create a free account and let me mentor you

Developing A Stronger Mindset For Business Success Conclusion.

It is tough being a solopreneur, and not everyone is willing to go that extra mile to hack it. I believe most people can do it, but to be successful, you have to come out of the comfort zone of your limiting beliefs. Chances are they have been shackling you for a long, long time. Three things will make you succeed. Believe you can, embrace failure, and never give up.

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