13 List Building Tips for Senior Marketers

13 List Building Tips for Senior Marketers

List Building Tips for Senior Marketers

Many marketers go deep into the learning process for making money with certain things, like affiliate marketing or blogging – but they neglect the critical part of the equation that allows for repeat, long-term commissions, and sales. That step would be list building.

When you have a list of loyal, dedicated subscribers, you can repeatedly connect with them to guide them in their efforts to excel in whatever niche you’re in. That includes promoting products that you or others create, as well as tangible items, if applicable.

Without a list, you’re at the mercy of search engines to provide you with enough traffic to sustain your income needs over time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, so building a list up over time offers more stability.

There are thirteen quick and easy ways you can begin building a list. Of course, these aren’t all of the possibilities that exist, but it’s a good foundation for those who want to spend a portion of their day being proactive with the list-building process.

13 List Building Tips for Senior Marketers

1 – Know Your Customer

The first and perhaps most important step you need to build a list of valuable subscribers is to know who your target audience is. That’s more than thinking, “people who are interested in this niche,” or “people who are willing to spend money.”

You have to go deeper than that and pinpoint their emotional issues regarding the niche, their spending objections, their skepticism, hopes, dreams, and goals. Once you know the inner workings of their mindset, it will be easier to create content and strategies that help you attract them to your funnel – starting with the process of getting on your list.

You may need to know more than just their mental state. You may need to know their age, gender, geographic area, income level, physical appearance, and more in some niches.

Go through the process of creating a customer avatar, which is a prime example of who you want to be on your list. Map out their pain points and even how they search for information so that you can get in front of them and entice them with an irresistible lead magnet.

Many marketers go online and try to cast a wide net, putting anyone and everyone on their list so that they can brag about the numbers. But if you have a list of 100,000 people who won’t buy from you, it won’t do you any good. It used to be said that “the money is in the list,” but actually, that is not true. The money is in your relationship with your niche.

It is much better to have a list of 1,000 highly relevant subscribers who will enjoy your messages, take your advice and even share your content and links with others they know who are interested in your niche. They are loyal to you, and in time they will buy anything you recommend.

2 – Create a No Brainer Lead Magnet

There are many different options for creating a lead magnet. This is the item you’re going to offer in exchange for the visitor’s name and email address so you can contact them in the future. No matter how many bows you put on this package, it is a bribe so you had better make it good.

Thanks to spammers, consumers are leerier than ever before of handing over those precious details. So your lead magnet must be a no-brainer – something where they don’t have to even think twice about trading their information for it.

One of the best things you can do is give away something people would be willing to pay for. But, unfortunately, it’s hard to go through the process of creating a course (even a mini one) and then give it as a gift when you’d rather be selling it.

But take a step back and see this as a long-term investment in your online future. You could certainly create a mini-course, recruit affiliates and sell it for $17 or so – maybe making a couple of thousand dollars.

But you also create it as a free offer reserved exclusively for those who subscribe to your list. This type of consumer will provide you with dozens of repeat $17 sales over time – if not more.

So would you rather earn $17 once or thousands of dollars from that contact information as the weeks and months go on? You have to get rid of the idea of instant gratification and think like a business owner.

Of course, if you want to create a sellers list immediately, your thank you page can include a link to another no brainer offer. My most popular offer is 18 hours of video for $5.00. I sell it so low that my readers are instantly struck by the value I offer.

You can offer courses or even short reports if you prefer. Insight and guidance is just as valuable as a step-by-step course to many people. You can help them avoid disaster or reach their goals with your lead magnet.

Try not to send them a broad and generic overview of the niche and nothing more. That’s really not irresistible. The fact that they sought out information means they may know a bit about the niche already.

Instead, drill down into the niche topic and give them something detailed and valuable. For example, a survival 101 five-page report may not entice them – but a “30 Days to Feed a Family of 4” survival guide might be a great detailed action plan they’d love to devour.

3 – Tweak Your Squeeze Page for Conversions

Your squeeze page has to perform to the best of its ability, which means more than just having a superb offer. Everything can affect a person’s first impression when they land there, so you want to do your best to appeal to the right people.

A squeeze page is like a miniature version of a sales letter. But instead of them having to scroll through page after page to read about benefits and bullet points and storyline, you want to keep everything above the fold, requiring no scrolling.

It would be best if you crafted headlines that are enticing and informative. Don’t just say “Want to Learn How to Make Money Online.” Be specific and say something like, “Want to See How I Made $76,000 Last Month with 5 Blog Posts?” If you are not great with creative headlines use a free online headline generator.

Besides your main headline, you’ll likely have a sub-headline as well as 3-4 bullet points that describe the benefits and details of the offer. You’ll also want to have an image with it of the lead magnet being offered in exchange for their contact details.

If you prefer to try a video to see how it performs compared to a static image, you can do that – using a split-testing concept where you put the two pages against each other and analyze their performance.

You can split-test many aspects of your squeeze page to see what works best – the color scheme, wording, and more. Make sure you have a strong call to action statement instructing the visitor on how to opt into your list and download the freebie instantly.

4 – Have Subscriber-Only Blog Content

One easy way to get people on your list is to build a really great blog. Then, have some posts that are locked to the public, only allowing subscribers to access using a password that you provide to them.

This is a free and easy way to make people cross the threshold from casual visitors to dedicated followers. The key here is to make sure that all of your posts are well-done and valuable in nature.

Even the free, public ones should wow the visitors to your site. When they see what you’re offering for free, they’ll be hungry to see what’s being offered only to subscribers. And that can be something such as a little more detail or extra hand-holding.

Your public blog post might be 10 Social Media Sites to Use for Traffic, but your private, subscriber-only content could be a series of lengthy, detailed tutorials on how to use each of those 10 sites.

Remember, whether your posts are public or private, you have the opportunity to make recommendations and promote products in them. But that happens a lot easier when you’re proving your worth to the prospective customer.

It’s very easy to make your content password protected. Open up your blog post in WordPress along the right-hand side when you click the publish button that gives you options. Under the option visibility you can make the blog post public which means anyone can read it. Alternately you can make it password protected. Underneath the blog post put a link to your optin page and get them to optin to read further content.

5 – Maximize Exposure to Your Optin Form

If a consumer doesn’t see your opt in form, then chances are, they won’t go looking for it. They may land on your blog, read the content and bounce – to be lost forever. You want them to be accessible to you for the long run.

So first of all, make sure that you have your squeeze page set up. That’s the first and most important opt in area. But aside from that, you want to also showcase the form elsewhere on your site.

Start with the sidebar. The sidebar is the strip of space going down the side of your blog, next to the content. It’s where you can place images, text, links, social media buttons, and yes, even the opt in form with two boxes – one for their name and one for their email address.

Ideally, you want to place this at the very top of the sidebar so that it’s the first thing they see upon landing on a blog post. Make sure the color scheme matches with your site, but help it stand out with a savvy design and wording that’s big enough to read.

You can even include the image of your lead magnet above or below the form. Some people use animated gifs on their sidebar to attract the eye over to that space. The consumer, if they’re there to read a blog post, will scroll down, so the opt in form may disappear as it falls off of their line of sight.

That’s why it’s important to also include the opt in form below each blog post. That way, when they’re finished reading the post, they can then opt in to your list. This is especially helpful because, if they don’t know you, opting in when they first land on your site might not be something they want to do.

But after reading your post and seeing the value that you give, they may crave more of what you have to offer and then give their contact details over willingly so that they can continue getting more insight from you.

6 – Promote Your Lead Magnet on Social Media

Social networking sites and apps are a great place to promote the lead magnet that you’ve created. There are usually never many rules about offering something free and linking to the squeeze page that provides it.

You can do this on sites like Facebook from your personal profile, fan page or group. You can also do it by linking to your page from Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Make sure you’re not just spamming these sites and apps because that won’t make anyone want to visit your squeeze page. Instead, show up on these places and serve your audience with amazing content and information – making them seek out more of what you have to offer. Giving value to your potential customers will make them value you more.

7 – Create Multiple Lead Magnets

What’s funny about many marketers is that they get tunnel vision with their list building efforts. They focus on one lead magnet and one squeeze page. You can have more than one – you can have dozens, if you want to! Most of my sites have at least five or six squeeze pages.

Now, this won’t happen overnight, but it’s never a bad idea to begin creating a line of opt in offers that might convince people to subscribe according to what’s most important to them.

For example, if you’re leading in the survival niche, you might have some people who crave food storage topics, while others want self defense information. Another person might be looking for off the grid guidance while someone else is concerned about first aid in a survival situation. Yet another person may well be looking for information about divining water.

Why not cater to all of these individuals, not by offering one massive comprehensive book, but by splitting it up and having multiple lead magnets so they land on the squeeze page, discover you’re offering exactly what they were looking for, and hand over their information?

To handle this, you can either create individual lists for each topic – or, have one list, but make sure the introduction email says something like, “Surprise! Not only do I have the one report you signed up for, but I’m also gifting you these other survival reports – FREE!”

This is a nice wow factor the subscriber will appreciate. You’ll benefit from search or social traffic and people sharing the specific narrow topics on each individual squeeze page, and they get a set of unexpected freebies.

8 – Know When You’re Asking for Too Much

Whenever you make the opt in form using your email autoresponder tool of choice, they’re going to give you the option to ask for more than just a first name and email address.

It’s recommended that you don’t do more or less than this. Some only ask for the email, but then you can’t personalize the email greeting and call your customer by name, which is a nice touch.

Asking for more than these two basic elements is not going to help you win over any subscribers – and in fact, it might make some people leave due to the fact that they don’t want to share more than the minimum information.

You can choose to ask for their full name – first and last, their address, phone number, or create another question or request of your choosing. You’re going to see fewer sign ups if you employ this tactic.

A mailing address is only applicable if a physical product is being shipped. Now one area where it might be feasible to ask another question is if you’re in the business of providing courses or content and want to give them the opportunity to submit a topic request. But otherwise, steer clear of the demand for more information than the bare minimum.

At least at the beginning. If further down the line you want to create a direct mail campaign you can offer your subscribers another incentive to put in their physical address. They are only likely to do this when they have built up a relationship and no like and trust you. Think about it, would you give out your physical address to someone you’ve never heard of?

9 – Put Their Mind at Ease with a Spam and No Selling List Disclaimer

To the average consumer, anyone asking for contact details is a spammer until they’re proven not to be one. That means you, too. So you need to have some disclaimers in your opt in box that sets their mind at ease.

Some email autoresponders will have a disclaimer automatically embedded into the form that you can delete. It’s recommended that you delete these and type your own in because the tools often link out to somewhere else, such as their no spam pages, and you’ll lose your visitor due to the link leakage.

You want them to know that you won’t spam their email inbox, and you won’t sell your list of subscribers to other marketers, which is something many unethical entrepreneurs do on a regular basis.

Make sure you abide by this promise if you’re going to make it. You don’t want to make this promise and then go back on your word, because then you’ll acquire a reputation as someone not to be trusted.

10 – Sell an Info Product and Collect Contact Info

An easy way to build a list is to become an info product creator. Create an eBook or video course in your niche. Then recruit successful competitors as affiliates for your offer.

Be sure to make it worth their while so that they feel comfortable sending their list your way. Your product should have high value, and the price-point and commissions need to be attractive for both customers and affiliates.

Whenever a customer purchases the info product, the system will email them an opt in confirmation, allowing them to confirm their subscription to your list. They won’t have to sign up – they can easily download it from the platform you’re selling on – but it will go out to them anyway.

A great way to cement their decision to stay signed up is to offer additional value from their original purchase. Go above and beyond what they bought from you. You can offer an extra unexpected bonus, some hand-holding with their goals, or other valuable insight that proves your worth.

11 – Give Value in Forums and Build a List with a Signature File

Social networking sites and apps aren’t the only places to gain exposure for your squeeze page and lead magnets. You can find many forums in almost any niche that allow what’s called signature files. This is an old strategy, but it still works.

These are lines of text or images you can place in your bio that show up directly beneath your posts or comments. That way, every time you engage on the forum, it’s one more moment when readers see the link to your offer.

The key here is to show value – as it is with everything else you do online. If you’re in the forum engaging in senseless arguments, mocking people, or offering thin responses, it won’t make anyone wants to follow the link and see what you have to offer.

If you do this, make sure you set up a schedule to pop into the forum on a routine so that you become one of the well-known and respected regulars of the group. That way, people can click on your profile and read all of your responses, making their decision on whether or not to sign up with you easier.

12 – Create a Contest for Subscribers Only

A contest is something you can announce on your blog, on social networking sites and elsewhere. It might be one-on-one coaching valued at $1,900 or free access to all current and future products that you have.

It could be a simple course you just launched or the promise to analyze their efforts in the niche and give feedback on how they can improve. You can even launch a contest where you’re going to buy a tool or course sold by someone else for one of your subscribers.

When you have something this valuable, it makes people want to be part of the lottery-style contest you’ve set up so they can have a shot at being the chosen winner. You can even choose more than one person if you want.

13 – Join a Giveaway Event

Giveaway events are routinely hosted in a variety of niches. One or more marketers will organize it and accept submissions from the invited participants. You can host one or join one, depending on what your knowledge and skills are on the technical end of things.

Basically, each participant creates a product to give away to the consumers who land on the giveaway event page. Each listing will have a link to each person’s offer. Every participant sends traffic there – whether it’s from their existing list of subscribers, their social media accounts, or elsewhere.

So if there are 20 total participants, of which you’re one, you’ll have your list-building offer exposed to the traffic sent by the other 19 people involved in the deal. This is a super-fast way to build your list.

Now one thing you need to watch out for is the fact that in some niches, consumers know how these giveaway events work – so they simply sign up, download the freebie and unsubscribe.

This is bound to happen, and you’ll experience it with some people, too. But you do have the ability to set yourself apart, gain the trust of the consumers and keep them on board if you want to.

First, make sure that your freebie is something amazing. Make it something they’d be willing to pay for – where they’re shocked you’re giving away so much value. This will differentiate you from most participants who simply slap together something bland to be part of the event.

Second, make sure your delivery email goes the extra mile. Right off the bat, include a bonus they weren’t expecting – and hint about what’s to come if they stay subscribed to your list.

It might be special discounts or future freebies. You might give a teaser about a series of helpful tutorials that you’re working on that you can’t wait to unveil to your loyal subscribers.

It’s expected that most people won’t want to start receiving emails from 20 different marketers. But if you can be one of the top performers in the giveaway event, then you’ll be one of the few they stay subscribed to.

13 List Building Tips for Senior Marketers – Conclusion

Building a list isn’t as hard as it may seem. It’s not an overnight ordeal where you go from 0-10,000 subscribers in an instant. You can achieve these figures if you purchase a list. That is definitely not a tactic to recommend. Yes you can have a huge amount of subscribers very quickly, but they don’t know like or trust you and are not likely to open your emails. I have known hundreds of Internet marketers who have done this is a beginner, and to be fair I did it myself! However, I don’t know anyone who made it work.
When you start might have 2-10 subscribers in the first week, and then it begins to snowball. Imagine a snowball, rolling down a hill initially it just picks up snow because it’s quite light. Eventually as it gets further down the hill it begins to pick up everything, twigs, dirt, pieces of rock. This building is a bit like this it gets to the point where it has its own momentum.The key is to focus on value and be consistent with carrying out the tasks that expose your squeeze page to the kind of people who will make up the loyal audience most marketers would love to have.


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